Cobalt Weyr

A 13th Interval Weyr
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 Queenrider Annabelle and Copper Beth

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PostSubject: Queenrider Annabelle and Copper Beth   Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:26 pm

Name: Annabelle
Gender: female
Age in Turns: 14
Appearance: Her long brown hair flies in the wind half covering those golden eyes. Her light olive skin glows against the dark surroundings, her slim and short body making her all the more glowy.
Personality: Short Tempered and irritable, Annabelle can be rather annoying at times, but when she is not snappping at you, she can actualy be rather fun. When she is having fun, she doesnt snap, and when she doesnt snap, everythings all good!
Pets: A 3 1/2 inch Broze called Baibai and a 1 1/4 inch Blue called Jaijai, a female Black Feline called Gemma and a female Ragdoll called Pearl, a unique Buckskin Weyrrunner Colt called Clancey.
Background: Born in Ista hold, the child of the Lord and Lady Holders, Jackson and Annabetra, Annabelle lived a life of luxury and privalige. The day before her 13th Birthday, a rider serched her, though reluctantly, as she was so young. After her 14th birthday, a junior queen of Ista clutched and she stod to impress. When the little Copper queen hatched and impressed her, Annabelle's life changed.

After only a few months, the weyrleaders were sick of her dragons bad attitude, and asked her to go to the new weyr in western.

Name: Beth
Age in Turns: 3 months
Color: Pointed Super Tiger Copper
Personality: Snappy and cranky, this little Queen loves fun, and if others dont invite her to join a game, she is more than happy to spoil their fun. She also is shot tempered, and has given several of her clutch mates nasty bites when they made her angry.
Identifiable marks: lightning shaped stripe going down her back
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PostSubject: Approved   Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:54 pm

Looks good Tiff! Approved! You can now go to the dragonrider meeting where Alana and Z'ek(WeyrLeader and WeyrWoman) are waiting.

Cobalt Weyr(reconstructed)

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Queenrider Annabelle and Copper Beth
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