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A 13th Interval Weyr
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 Genecrafter Senior Apprentice Dylan

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PostSubject: Genecrafter Senior Apprentice Dylan   Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:31 am

Aprentice Form
Age in Turns: 35
Appearance: Dylan is avergae height with pretty short, wild hair. It is smooth everywhere except the front, where a girl's bangs would be, where it gets kind of messy. Dylan has very light brown eyes.
Personality: Dylan is very creative and wishes to become the Master Genecrafter eventually. He is somewhat of a pyro. and loves experimenting and making all kinds of new beasts.
Pets: female 3 1/2 inch tall Gold Flit named Polish, male 3 inch tall Brown Flit named Ochre
Background: Dylan grew up at Igen Weyr and was soon to become an apprentice when he became a healer. Several years later he went to the Genehall and became a Genecrafter apprentice. When he heard there were spots open at Cobalt Weyr, he signed up straight away.
Craft: Genecrafting(Senior Apprentice)

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PostSubject: Re: Genecrafter Senior Apprentice Dylan   Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:45 am

I need a more in-depth background.

How he became an aprentice in the healer hall

How he got picked to be an aprentice at the genehall

How he moved up the ranks (I'll make a timeline for masters deaths ext to make this easyer)

How he met his mate


Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essaith
WeyrlingMaster P'alo and Ivory Priloth
Rider Gie and Green Irilith
Candidate Master Ri-Ri and Guilded Ebith
Master Genecrafter Delphon
Green Aprentice Genecrafter Darian
Journeywoman Healer Evangeline

Feel free to PM me with Questions relating to the RP, its kinda my job to answer them. lol!
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Genecrafter Senior Apprentice Dylan
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