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  Flight logs and timing

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Jr Weyrwoman
Jr Weyrwoman

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PostSubject: Flight logs and timing   Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:25 pm

This is where we record the date at which every female dragon in the game can rise and clutch. Some will rise more often than they clutch, such as Garnets, and some will only ever clutch a certin amount of times in their lives, such as Greens. With Greens, it also shows how many clutches they can still lay before being officially barren.

The log is organized in this order;
Name --- Color --- Last flight --- Next flight --- Can Clutch?

Essiath --- Gold --- ~not flown~ --- ~not calculated~ --- yes
Aliath --- Gold --- ~not flown~ --- ~not calculated~ --- yes
Florath --- Silver --- ~not Flown~ --- ~not calculated~ --- yes

Garnets and Guildeds
Tesisaeonisonith --- Guilded --- ~not flown~ --- ~not calculated~ --- yes
Ebith --- Guilded --- ~not flown~ --- ~not calculated~ --- yes

Irilith --- Green --- ~not flown~ --- ~not calculated~ --- yes

Blacks and Ebonies

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Flight logs and timing
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