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 Wher form

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Jr Weyrwoman
Jr Weyrwoman

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PostSubject: Wher form   Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:37 am

These are forms for Whers that are already grown, although this will not be a common occurance, as I'd prefer you impressed it.

Name: (must end in Sk and are a variation on their Handlers name, such as Kindan and Kisk from Dragons Kin)
Age in Turns: (Whers mature at 1 Turn and 18 months old)
Color: (besides a few I have approved, no instant Golds or Bronzes, please)
Personality: (All Whers love their rider and genraly are hostile towards strangers. They are also often grumpy during the day)
Identifiable marks: (splotches, scores, markings, headknobs ext)
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Wher form
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