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A 13th Interval Weyr
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 Master Fisher Hynoyoko

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PostSubject: Master Fisher Hynoyoko   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:37 am

Age in Turns: 53
Gender: Female
Appearance: Very tanned skin due to being in sun alot. She has silky light brown hair braided with fishing line. Her earrings are made from fish hooks and a pair of lures. Slim, small and beautiful, she is an eager target for many males believing she is younger than what she is.
Personality: Patient from a lifetime of fishing, but is carefree and enjoys playing pranks on people and fish, preferably the later. She is kind and if company comes by, she cooks up her catch of the day and serves it with any edible flora around.
Background: Hynoyoko has always been a lovable girl, but when her father took her fishing one day, this set her on the path of the fisher. Coming from a family of DragonRiders, Hynoyoko was often pressured into impressing a dragon, a wher or even, at least, flits. She went to a hatching, by her mothers wishes, with everybody crowding around close to the golds. She was late, but a little runt of a blue wher, came darting up and hid under the shade of her dress. When it poked its head out, Hynoyoko moved her hand to the little wher, and it drank the blood slowly and cautiously. When she turned 20, she and her wher, Hynosk, left home to become a fisher. She was offered younger, but her family fell sick soon after her impression, and was forced to stay. Now she spends her days sleeping, and her nights catching fish with the help of her wher.
Pets: Her dog, Tibbers

Wher name: Hynosk
Age in Turns: 39
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Identifiable marks: Battered wings, Very faded blue belly
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PostSubject: Re: Master Fisher Hynoyoko   Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:12 am

Ok, Approved.

Weyrwoman Alana and Gold Essaith
WeyrlingMaster P'alo and Ivory Priloth
Rider Gie and Green Irilith
Candidate Master Ri-Ri and Guilded Ebith
Master Genecrafter Delphon
Green Aprentice Genecrafter Darian
Journeywoman Healer Evangeline

Feel free to PM me with Questions relating to the RP, its kinda my job to answer them. lol!
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Master Fisher Hynoyoko
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